What is the best way to take a cannabis tincture?  Well first we need to find good tinctures.  I would look for tinctures that are not based on an MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil.  I would look for tinctures that are based on sesame oil, olive oil, or other fruit oils.  The medicinal benefit added by these superior oils cannot be overlooked.  We certainly benefit from tinctures, but a tincture has certain drawbacks.  For one, the THC in a tincture will usually “feel” subdued.  This is a very good thing if you have a low tolerance.  You can consume more THC without the psychoactivity.  However, what if that psychoactivity was something you needed?

Nasal administration of THC will be almost as efficient as smoking THC.  Let’s consider some examples.  Smoking a 1 gram pre-roll of 20% THC flower will mean you have ingested 200mg of THC.   Of that 200mg only about 100mg will enter the blood stream.  If you eat that same 200mg in an edible, only about 10% or 20mg will reach the blood stream.  When you administer the THC nasally, it certainly appears that alot of that THC is reaching the blood stream and results in the THC having a much stronger perceived effect.
But what of the medical value?  Putting a tincture up the nose seems a bit out of place.  In India medicine has been practiced for many thousands of years as Ayurvedic medicine.  Ayurvedic medicine has a concept called nasya which is the use of medicines through the nasal cavity.  For many years those that use ayurvedic medicine have been using the nose to treat many conditions.  In fact almost any condition above the neck (migraines, muscle soreness, allergies, cancers, etc) could be treated through the nose.
If you are having trouble with an issue “above the neck”, try our nasal spray.  It is based on ayurvedic recipes and also on our patented science.
This is the TrueMedX Plus Nasal Spray.