THCa Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid

Current research indicates that the Endocannabinoid System is our master regulatory system.  As such it is a “master” system in our bodies and actually sits above another “master” system we […]

Autism Under the GnuPharma Model

Autism is a medical condition which is extremely complicated and complex, or is it?  It is almost undoubtedly caused by oxidative stress which impacts metabolism.    We readily understand that if […]

Metabolism & Autism

Because autism is a very complex disease, it requires the autistic individual to “evolve” in order to survive.  Without the capacity to build anti-inflammatories from fatty acids, the autistic individual […]

THC Tablets Change The Game

The ECS shop produces new THC Tablet that pays homage to SQ 788. Has potential to change the game in the medical marijuana industry.

Giving Your Coffee A Medicinal Boost

Volume 1 Giving Your Coffee A Medicinal Boost “Nothing Touches The Soul Quite Like Cannabis and Coffee” The Current State of Coffee and Cannabis       If you are […]

CBG Tops Clonidine for Opiate Withdrawal

Volume 1 CBG Tops Clonidine for Opiate Withdrawal “If you’ve never experienced Opiate withdrawal thank God you don’t know Hell” Opiate Withdrawal   If you know the feeling, then I’m sorry […]