Focus For Autism, But I’m Not Autistic?

Truemedx Line Of Focus Products

      Truemedx has formulated some seriously powerful natural medicine. The Focus line of products are formulated to target the severly disregulated Endocannabinoid System of Autistic people. The formulators at Truemedx have discovered an ancient disregulation in people with Autism that needs to be addressed using much more basic resources like Fats! 

Truemedx Focus Tablets

      Even though I consume my fair share of cannabinoids throughout the day, I was still feeling anxious and depressed.  When Truemedx first came out with their line of Focus products I was immediately hooked on the Focus Tincture. I saw the benefits of taking a high CBG & CBD tincture that was formulated in Hemp Oil. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression. Therefor I am always eager to get my hands on quality natural medicine. To me, the focus products were just that, very high quality natural medicine. I was drawn to the research and how Truemedx goes about creating their products. I could see, and feel from the products, Truemedx is on to something.

      As the research progressed it became very clear that the answer wasn’t more cannabinoids. It was actually more healthy fats! What we discovered is when humans are denied these fats they begin to break down. Humans will start breaking down in their gut and in their cognitive abilities. We need to be eating a balanced 1:1 diet of Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids. Currently we are at about 1:20. For every 1 Omega 3 we eat, we eat about 20 Omega 6’s. There are other Fatty Acids we need such as polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats.

Healthy Fats

      The Focus tablets contain no cannabinoids, only fats we need to function properly. Ideally I would be getting these from the food I eat but my diet isnt all that great. The focus tablets provide the resources I need that I cant get from cannabis and have a really hard time getting in the common western diet. Since I started using the focus tablets I have seen a dramatic increase in energy, over-all mood has greatly improved, and I can focus better for longer. I dont notice the increase in Focus unless I am reading, working on the computer or studying. Surprise! You actually have to try and focus to notice the increase in focus! 

Focus For You

      Truemedx Focus Products work without any cannabinoids because resources are provided at a very high level. These specific resources support the function of our Endocannabinoid System so we can break down and use cannabinoids more efficiently. If you are finding that your current CBD or natural product regimen isn’t working please contact us. We will consult with you to help discover what products will work the best for you. Often we find that it is the additional herbs and fruit oils that give us the natural benefits over other products. 

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