Owasso Oklahoma Welcomes the First and Only Consultive & Compounding Dispensary

As marijuana continues to make an impact on the health of Oklahomans, a group of industry leaders is  coming together to develop a unique new dispensary concept called The ECS Shop. The group will open  their “proof of concept” store in Owasso, Oklahoma on April 10th, 2021. The dispensary will be located at  7726 North Owasso Expressway in Owasso.  

“Our group has a considerable amount of expertise on the science around medical cannabis, around  education about medical cannabis, about delivering quality patient service, and high quality construction  services” said Chip Paul. 

Patient care and patient service will be the focus of the dispensary concept. “We will have something for  every patient including natural products formulations, CBD formulations, and THC formulations. We will also  do patient consultations and help with the harder cases” said Cynthia Paul. 

Hawkeye consulting has already been providing services for patients across the state and will join the Paul’s  in this new concept. “We love our patients and we will ensure that our patients are properly handled by the  OMMA. In fact, we really want to manage the entire patient licensing process for a patient.” said Jennifer  Hawkins, CEO of Hawkeye Consulting. 

The combination of special patient formulations, education, and patient services will be how the group  differentiates itself from other dispensaries. “We will be something between a health clinical and a typical  dispensary. We want ANYONE to feel comfortable walking into our concept.” said Kent Hawkins, President of  Hawkeye Consulting. 

The group already has trained several physicians which they will utilize when providing patient registrations  and recommendations. “As a physician who speaks with many people daily about the ailments that they  wish to address with medical cannabis, it’s imperative that more education on this topic is out there, both in  dispensaries and physician exam rooms, so that people suffering from their medical conditions, oftentimes  which are very debilitating, can maximize the beneficial properties of the cannabis plant.” said Laren  Hightower, DO. 

The group can be contacted via email at info@theecsshop.com or via phone at 918-949-6699.