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FREE Patient Classes

Learn about a newly discovered system of human function called the Endocannabinoid System. This is the ONLY system that can touch every cell in our bodies!

  • Where do endocannabinoids come from?
  • How do our bodies use the endocannabinoids system to make changes?
  • What resources we can eat that will enhance and bolster our endocannabinoids system?
  • How we can use things like natural products, cannabinoids and CBD’s to enhance and support our natural functions?

Join on the 2nd Friday of each month for this amazing FREE educational opportunity for patients!

Time: 10 am – 11 am and again at 3 pm – 4 pm

Address: 7726 N. Owasso Expy. Owasso, OK 74055

Phone: 918-949-6699

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