THC Tablets Change The Game

      The ECS shop in Owasso, OK has been producing what they call The SQ788 THC Tablet in two different variations “Sativa” and “Indica”. The Sativa blend contains 20mg of THC per tablet in addition to herbs and other cannabinoids that are blended together in a specific way to provide an uplifting and euphoric effect. The Indica blend also contains 20mg of THC in addition to herbs and other cannabinoids blended together in a way to provide a down-regulating effect to the Endocannabinoid System. This means that these will melt away any stress and anxiety as you relax on the couch. SQ 788 name pays homage to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law “State Question 788”. 

      Tablets are starting to rise in popularity and thats why we felt the need to produce a high quality consistent tablet to pay back the people of Oklahoma for making this industry possible. Tablets are the best form of edible THC for any medical patient because they are consistent and healthier. 

      Consistency is something that typically lacks in the Medical Marijuana Industry, especially when it comes to edibles. Edibles widely vary in strengths, sizes, production methods, etc. A tablet offers consistent dosing and very reliable dosing. Tablets also offer a more reliable onset time and duration of effect. Once you have taken them once you can be sure they will affect you the same every time, given you take the same dose. 

      For a Medical Industry there is a whole lot of sugar, carbs, and fats in almost every edible on the shelf in every dispensary. If you are a patient looking for something healthy that has low THC then you do not have many options. A lot of 10mg products are candies. The SQ 788 THC tablets contains only botanicals, THC, and excipients. Excipients are an inactive substance that help the tablets bind together.

      Right now the Medical Marijuana industry is like the early days of pharmaceutical medicine. Most of the medicinal products are syrups, tinctures, powders, and smokeables. This is similar to a pharmacy in the mid to late 1800’s….. before Bayer introduced Aspirin. The active ingredient in Aspirin is extracted and synthesized from willow bark. Willow bark was being used medicinally as a fever reducer and pain reliever as early as 3000 – 1500BC in ancient Egyptian and Sumerian civilizations. After years of being a natural medicine in 1897 Bayer patents the process to create Aspirin. “A” meaning acetyl, “spir” is derived from Spirae Ulmeria (meadow sweet), also a source of  and “IN” was a common suffix for meds. In 1899 Aspirin started being widely produced and for the next 100 years has been known as a wonder drug. 

      The SQ788 THC Tablet and other tablets produced by The ECS shop could be just as disruptive to the Medical Marijuana Market and just as beneficial to the Medical Marijuana Patient as Aspirin was to the pharmaceutical industry. The medicinal effects combined with the consistent dosing and the consistent onset/duration make this an easy buy for any Medical Patient.

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       The ECS shop also relies on Gnupharma science to produce its line of CBD products under the brand name Truemedx. Truemedx has four different variations of Tablets that all effect the Endocannabinoid System in different but very specific and targeted ways. You can find these products at